Here at Pelham Structures Ltd, we take great pride in the superior service we provide for consumers and businesses in the Bishop’s Stortford area. We perform roles as a property developer, planning consultant, land promoter and house builder, ensuring that our clients have one point of contact for the duration of their development project. This starts with utilising our expertise to gain planning permission for a more lucrative sale and extends through a full service that includes the construction of a traditional home with a timber frame. No matter the circumstances, we tailor our approach without ever compromising the quality of our work.


This dedication to outstanding results and customer service remains one of the primary reasons why our clients continue to choose us as their property developer. Below, we have taken a closer look at some of the other reasons behind our loyal and expanding client base.



1. Experience

Pelham Structures was established as a company in 1993. Whether our clients choose us as a property developer, planning consultant, land promoter or house builder, they receive a service with a proven track record stretching back 25 years. What’s more, our team of highly motivated professionals share over 260 years of specialist experience.


Whichever service our clients in Bishop’s Stortford require, we work tirelessly to deliver optimal results, because that’s what we’ve always done.


2. FMB Members

When it comes to the work we produce as house builders, our customers have the additional assurance that comes with membership to the Federation of Master Builders (FMB). As the UK construction industry’s largest trade association, the FMB continually strives to push up the standards of those in the trade. In order to do this, the FMB has rigorous, industry-leading membership criteria.


By having our own methods and results externally assessed to such a degree, our clients have no doubt that our building work, from the timber frame to the roofing structure, complies with the very highest of standards.


3. Property Developer & Land Promoter

The work we carry out as a land promoter remains key to our role as a property developer. In order to successfully develop land, we need to ensure it receives the right kind of marketing. We enter into a legal agreement with the landowner, assuming the risk and costs involved in the planning process.


As an experienced land promoter, we notify the open market that the land for sale has the relevant permissions and permits. This ensures that prospective buyers get as clear a vision of its potential as possible. By undertaking this approach, we optimise the return for landowners in Bishop’s Stortford and the surrounding areas.


4. Planning Consultant

As your planning consultant of choice, we provide advice on the planning, development and environmental issues that so often surround a construction project. With our expertise in these areas, we ensure that the costs of the planning process stay as low as possible. In addition,  we also lay a path for smooth and efficient planning itself as well as the numerous stages to follow.


With Pelham Structures Ltd as your planning consultant from the outset of a property development project, we create an ideal platform on which the remainder of work takes place.


5. Traditional House Builder

By utilising our decades of experience as a property developer, we have the ability to create new housing developments on our own sites. We have a hard-earned reputation for creating premium quality, traditional homes for modern living. We have built houses of every kind, be they detached, semi-detached, open market or affordable. With a focus on producing results in line with the local vernacular and to the highest levels of energy efficiency, our properties remain incredibly popular with buyers in Bishop’s Stortford.


Having completed countless projects involving traditional houses with timber frame systems, our site operatives work seamlessly through their various phases to deliver projects on time and within budget.

If you’d like to discuss our services in Bishop’s Stortford, be it as a property developer, planning consultant, land promoter or house builder, call 01799 551 261.

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