For many people, fulfilling the development potential of their land offers a unique opportunity to realise a dream. Here at Pelham Structures Ltd, we’ve been transforming tracts of Cambridge land into stunning developments since 1993. From start to finish, the process requires the expertise of numerous divisions within our company, all of which work seamlessly together. From initial phases of the project that involve work as a property developer, land promoter and planning consultant right through to the final stage as a house builder, we ensure a smooth program for the completion of timber frame traditional houses.


We strive to make the process of property development as stress-free as possible. Below, we’ve outlined some of the ways we bring the process to a smooth and timely conclusion.



In order to become a truly successful property developer, companies need to consistently go above and beyond. With our long trading history and membership with the Federation of Master Builders, our clients have clear indications that we consistently do this.


In addition, we have worked tirelessly to establish and maintain a local reputation in the Cambridge area. This includes good working relationships with local authorities that make our work as a planning consultant simpler. In addition, we have industry connections that aid our services as a land promoter.


Quite simply, as local specialists, we understand the often complex world of Building Regulations and planning permission requirements better than most. With our local knowledge, we offer a straightforward path through to developments of timber frame homes ready for sale.



We recognise that no matter the size of the project we work on, our clients in Cambridge want to remain as up-to-date as possible throughout. When undertaking services as a property developer, planning consultant, land promoter and house builder, we always prioritise complete client satisfaction and peace of mind . We work on behalf of landowners to either gain planning permission, sell their property or build timber frame housing developments; each of these tasks involves open dialogue to ensure that all parties remain happy and on the same page.


As such, we pride ourselves on operating with honest and frequent dialogue. We answer every question, we return every call. We take our obligations to our clients seriously.



From the very first point of contact, Pelham Structures works to gain a clear understanding of the goals that our clients in Cambridge want to achieve. Not only does this give us clear aims to strive for, it also allows us to offer suggestions when needed to help bring concepts into line with Building Regulations and planning permission requirements.


Our team undertakes the less glamorous, but vital services to pave the way for any final construction onsite in Cambridge. This includes liaising with local authorities as a planning consultant to gain the required permissions and permits for the project, ensuring the right marketing for a sale as a land promoter (where required) as well as finding superior contractors. With this combination of roles, our clients receive an unforgettable experience backed by the impeccable work ethic of our personnel.


Every one of our bespoke projects holds a different set of qualities. From the industry insights we offer as a land promoter and planning consultant to the premium quality craftsmanship we bring as a house builder and timber frame manufacturer, we work with our clients to guarantee an outcome that exceeds expectations.

If you’re searching for a reputable property developer and house builder in Cambridge, call 01799 551 261.

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