Since our establishment as a company in 1993, Pelham Structures Ltd has provided an array of highly beneficial services for landowners in the Hertford area. As a multi-divisional business, we operate as a property developer, planning consultant, land promoter and house builder with equal proficiency. We tailor our approach to suit the requirements of our clients, so while some may only need us to perform specific roles, others require us for them all. Regardless, whether we sell land with planning permission or build a development of timber frame traditional homes, the services of our personnel come with numerous advantages.


We’ve outlined some of these benefits below for the convenience of our new and returning clients alike.



The primary benefit of hiring a property developer remains maximising the amount of profit from a tract of land. While land will always hold an appeal to buyers, when managed, marketed and enhanced by an experienced property developer, the final sum earned by clients in Hertford can be considerably more.


In addition, property developers have the ability to see the bigger picture. We’ve worked with land of all shapes and sizes, so we offer fresh ideas on what kind of development areas can support. For example, if a client wants to gain as much revenue as possible, we bring a perspective that increases the number of properties on the site at hand.



The role we perform as a planning consultant underpins the success of our work as a property developer in Hertford. In order to successfully develop any land, it needs to have the necessary planning permission. As an ever-changing area of complexity, we strongly advise leaving planning permission applications to the professionals.


As a time-served planning consultant, we have a comprehensive knowledge of this area. What’s more, we remain constantly up to date with any changes, as well. As such, the hiring of Pelham Structures Ltd as your planning consultant not only increases the likelihood of successfully obtaining permission, it makes the process as stress-free as possible.



Much like the core principle of property development, the aim of land promotion remains returning as high a profit as possible to the landowner. In fact, due to the structure of a promotion agreement, it remains in the interests of the client and the land promoter to maximise the value of the land. The biggest benefit for the client here, then, remains joining forces with a specialist land promoter who shares the same goal.


What’s more, with the land promoter’s own profits invested in the sale of the land itself, the client can be sure that all costs will be kept to a minimum. Furthermore, the terms agreed with the local authority in Hertford will also be favourable as the land promoter won’t jeopardise any future sale.



As a builder of bespoke traditional homes with timber frame systems, we offer the benefits mentioned above with the ability to build out our own developments. Not only does this keep the entire process under one roof, it ensures a smooth transition between the numerous stages of the development project, ensuring minimal delays. Needless to say, keeping to a set timescale helps to keep work within budget too.


Moreover, the timber frame systems that we use as a house builder also offer additional benefits. These include an environmentally friendly construction solution, materials sourced from sustainable suppliers as well as greater natural energy efficiency compared to other building materials.


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