At Pelham Structures Ltd, we specialise in the construction of new build homes with timber frame systems in the Saffron Walden area. The use of this material provides a range of benefits for our clients, for us as a house builder and for the environment too. As a company dedicated to achieving 100% satisfaction on every project, the advantages provided by timber frames deliver the perfect complement to our services as a property developer, land promoter and planning consultant.


In our role as a property developer and house builder, we must meet tight deadlines and work within set budgets, all while meeting demanding standards for quality and value. The many benefits of timber frame housing start here; the construction process streamlines the supply chain, reduces wastage, requires less reliance on traditional skills and helps to deliver a quick turnaround time.


We manufacture each timber frame in our own factory facility near Saffron Walden, so their creation isn’t dependent on weather conditions. With an increasing amount of attention placed on sustainable construction, the use of timber also doesn’t harm the environment like most non-renewable resources do.


When clients utilise our full range of services as a property developer, planning consultant, land promoter and house builder, they soon realise the benefits of using timber frame systems.



1. A Natural Material – Timber remains one of the few remaining natural building materials. This means it has a non-toxic quality. It will never leak chemical vapours into the home itself and our house builders can safely handle it with relatively few concerns. What’s more, the timber frame itself will age naturally.


2. Sustainability – As a building material, timber has been used for thousands of years. It’s a sustainable, ecological and renewable product. The majority of countries that supply timber have time-served policies in place to re-grow more timber than they fell. In fact, we can usually trace timber back to a relatively local source. This ensures that local economies benefit while keeping energy used in transportation to an absolute minimum.


3. Low Production Energy – The energy used to convert raw timber to that used by our house builders in Saffron Walden remains impressively low. Or, as we say in our role as a property developer, a timber frame has low embodied energy. In fact, timber has the lowest amount of embodied energy of practically every other common building material.


4. Natural Insulation Qualities – By its very nature, timber has insulative qualities that help to reduce energy needs. As such, a timber frame has the built-in benefit of thermal insulation. What’s more, a building with a timber frame has more available space for the installation of insulation when compared with a brick building. All of this results in Saffron Walden homes that require less energy to heat.


5. Quick Build – Completing superior quality work quickly remains a vital component of our work as a house builder, as well as our services as a land promoter and planning consultant. By using timber frames, we work swiftly and with minimal delays. We partly pre-cut, modulate and precision-build each frame off site, making for a more efficient solution than bricks and mortar. This not only brings projects to completion quicker, it also saves our clients money.

If you’re a landowner in Saffron Walden and require a proven property developer, planning consultant, land promoter or house builder, call us on 01799 551 261.

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