About us

Where it all began

Bill Bampton founded the company in 1993 in Furneux Pelham. Pelham Structures Ltd started out as a timber frame manufacturer, supplying developers and self-builders. We originally manufactured a combination of crop drying floors, cart lodges and outbuildings. Since then we have gone from strength to strength.

How we evolved

We have continued to build on our experience and expand the technology, as well as growing our team. We’re proud to work alongside highly-skilled colleagues, all of whom have time-served industry expertise.

  • In the early 2000s, we invested heavily in CAD/ CAM manufacturing. Pelham Structures Ltd acquired the first Hundegger K2 in the country; it is a state-of-the-art CAM Joinery Machine. This enabled us to construct complicated timber frames in a cost-effective manner. Which in turn made our product more viable for self-builders and small developers looking to build more attractive higher quality homes.
  • Simultaneously we started to build our own property developments. They were principally residential and include a mixture of speculative and developer enabled self-build; this is now the primary customer of the timber frame business.
  • Additionally we formed an in-house land, planning and design department. So then we could source sites, prepare planning applications and produce construction/technical drawings too. It means that from day one we can secure the best sites and shape the schemes to ensure the highest quality. 

It doesn’t stop there, at Pelham Structures Ltd we don’t like standing still and are always looking at ways to improve our services. We recently built a new factory, so now we can do even more offsite construction. This has further increased the efficiency, quality and sustainability of our timber frames.

A family business

Founders Bill and Imogine Bampton remain the Chairman and the Company Secretary respectively at Pelham Structures Ltd to this day. They have been joined in the family business by their daughter and son:

  • Kate is the Managing/Construction Director, focussed on the delivery side of the business.
  • Samuel is the Land and Development Director, responsible for land acquisition, planning and sales.

Committed to the community

With a dedicated, pioneering approach, Pelham Structures Ltd operates principally in the local area. We rarely work more than 15 miles from our base in Clavering (but will travel for the right project). As a result we have established a good reputation for delivering outstanding results time and time again. Further, it also means we are heavily invested in the local community and regularly engage in community projects. Pelham Structures Ltd constructed (among others) Albury Village Hall, Manuden Community Centre and sports pitches, as well as Langley Village Hall.

Our local staff, sites, manufacturing facility, the sites we select and the proposals we put forward always consider the local community. Ultimately the intention of everything we do is to improve sustainability for both the surrounding area and future residents.

Pelham Structures Ltd today

We are a trusted niche property developer that specialises in the delivery of small- to medium-sized developments, with a focus on self-build and custom homes. Other property-related services we supply include planning consultancy advice, architectural services, timber frame kits and building regulation drawings. As much or as little as you need.

Our tailored approach means we provide a bespoke service just for you.